What is MOBIE?
What are the aims of MOBIE?
Who joins MOBIE?
Who helps run MOBIE?
What is MOBIE?
• Meet Old Boys In English
• MOBIE is an extra-curricular programme for pupils and old boys (and senior girls and all those willing to help out) to gather together and speak English.
• MOBIE is not school curriculum.
• MOBIE is not class teaching.
• MOBIE must not run into conflict with any school curriculum.
• MOBIE is flexible in all respects and need not take any pre-determined form.
What are the aims of MOBIE?
• To accustom pupils in English speaking settings.
• To generate interest in the use of the English language.
• To help improve the oral English of the pupils.
• To assist parents to encourage pupils to speak English.
• To foster closer social relations between old boys and pupils.
• To keep old boys and the schools in close touch.
Who joins MOBIE?
Pupils in senior classes form a group of 10.
Old boys (senior girls and those willing to
help out) and they all take turn to do so
according to their preferences.
Who helps run MOBIE?
• Teachers (extra-curricular)
• School principals and staff
• Parents
• Old boys (and their spouses, associates)
• KCOBA Limited
• KCOBA School Limited
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